Marketing Committee Meeting

Marketing Committee Meeting

I. Marketing Budget 2013 carry over – 12,000$ 2014 budget – $16,500 II. Marketing Plan Marketing objectives Business recruitment – Incentives/Available Land/Assistance Community name recognition Amenities/Family Recruitment Community support/matching grants Hillsboro Partners in Marketing (PIM) Grant Marketing plan grant $2,500 match for $5,500 total

Executive Assistant Meeting

Welcome to the Special Interest Group (SIG) Executive Assistants & Personal Assistants Meeting Introductions Welcome to Country Housekeeping Rules Presentation by Warwick Winn, Chief Executive Officer, Manningham City Council to speak on his transition from General Manager (CEO) of North Sydney Council to Chief

Website Renovation Meeting

Meeting Objective: Status updates and team tasks for the website project Topics to cover: Review metrics data Review heat map and usability test – identify next steps on potential improvements Discuss whether to proceed with an in-house photoshoot or purchase a stock photo: in-house

Teacher Leader Team Meeting

Session #1: Team Functioning Build common language around team functioning using Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team Self-assess one of your teams on two dysfunctions: Absence of Trust and Fear of Conflict Evaluate resources for building trust and fostering productive conflict Apply resources

Team member responsibilities

Describe the project’s purpose and aims. Document questions to take back to Executive Sponsor. Discuss the level of participation expected of team members. Cover the following responsibilities of the Change Team: Participates in meetings Volunteers to carry out the team’s work Learns what works

Strategic Planning Meeting

Meeting Objectives: Establish a spring communication plan to update the college community on the near-final strategic plan. Review explanatory statements and objectives for Core Theme 1 – Transfer & Articulation and Core Theme 2 – Workforce Development for consistency and inclusion in the strategic